About us
About us
ERPOS, spol. s r.o. is a full service general contractor. We are active in the sectors construction, civil engineering a mechanical and engineering.  We have been operating for 17 years now and we are focusing our activities on the Slovak market, which has been developing very dynamically.
We approach each investment carried out with great care and we respect the natural environment as well as ethical principles, since we know our work has an impact on the life of generations to come. We care about our customers’ satisfaction and about user comfort.
We are an attractive employer. We ensure that our employees undergo an extensive training programme, as well as work on various projects allowing them to obtain new experiences and skills. We have achieved all this thanks to many years of experience, to our professionalism and planning skills.
We have been building our future quite literally by erecting houses, office buildings, airport terminals, motorways as well as industrial and commercial facilities. By changing our environment, we are also changing our future for the better.